the Casolare

Pratofranco farm house is situated in Pontremoli, in Lunigiana, the northern gate of Tuscany and is surrounded by the gentle hills of the Appennines: nature lovers, historians and sportsmen, won’t be disappointed: several activities, architectural wealth and cultural shows that Lunigiana offers every season.

Pratofranco farm house is surrounded by 40 hectares of land for the guests to enjoy, whilst in Lunigiana the excursions, directly in contact with nature, are innumerable: there are many trekking routes where you can walk, cycle, horse ride, or go by Quad (comfortable four-wheel motorbikes). The old Via Francigena from Passo della Cisa to Fosdinovo, full of churches, castles and medieval villages that one after the other accompany and host the pilgrim along his itinerary towards Rome.

The river Magra, where you can find an ARS fish preserve for fly-fishing, and the other minor tributaries, where during the summer you can enjoy paddling in the water; the Apuan Alps and their Natural Park … the enchanting landscape of this area is only slightly interfered with by mankind. Nature is still triumphant!